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Agent Wealth Success has a national podcast where the top agents, brokers, trainers and other experts around the country share their secrets and resources to success!

As a member of Agent Wealth Success you will have full access to this library of recorded knowledge from the best of the best!

Included are topics such as: The Best Listing Presentation, How to have virtual open houses, virtual showings, and how to leverage your business with the best resources where you will make more money and have more time!

My business has exploded and I closed 5 transactions last month and have 8 clients this month because of Dr. Hank’s 1:1 Coaching! I am now living my dream and oh so happy!
Teresa Price

Real Estate Agent

I’m having so much fun and have so much business because of coaching with Dr. Hank! I have never been happier, while having more time and money!
Ryan Shea

Real Estate Agent

My business has doubled! Dr. Hank has reduced my stress and given me more life balance! I’m now in the top 1% real estate professionals in America! I’ve never been happier in my life!

Maria Leach

My Approach 

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Identifying The Best Broker For You!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have branding freedom?

Today’s buyers often respond better to unique, private brands than mass-marketed big brands, and it’s likely that your clients value you as a trusted advisor more than a national real estate brand.

What are the splits and cap?
Can you earn OVER 100% of your commission?
What technology do they offer and at what cost?
Your brokerage can help by using its scale and leverage to negotiate steep discounts on the best tools and high-quality training and support. At a minimum, that should include customer relationship management to track and nurture leads, online transaction management to expedite paperwork and team communication tools to stay connected on the road. Website, CRM, Exclusive Lead Programs!
Can I easily expand to new markets and states?
If you’re a successful real estate team leader, you’ll want the option to expand beyond your local market to service your clients and leverage your team model. Make sure your brokerage supports expansion in reality, not just in name. Getting sign-off from the local franchise owner to do business in a market is a headache you don’t need. Look for a brokerage model that makes expansion as frictionless as possible.
What’s my ownership stake in the firm?
Even though most real estate agents and teams are independent contractors, that’s no reason not to be treated as true partners in the brokerage you help build. Stock and stock options are common equity compensation structures. Ownership aligns your interests with the brokerage, gives you a voice in the company’s direction and provides you with the opportunity for an additional revenue stream.
What is the real estate firm’s viability?
Some of the most established brands in real estate are taking a nosedive in the stock market, while others appear happy losing money. Is it important to you that your firm is stable? If so, does your firm have a viable business model?
Your real estate team and your clients’ well-being are in your hands. Make sure you are asking yourself the right questions to get what you need from your brokerage firm. Agent Wealth Success can help you determine which broker is best for you to build your business and wealth!!!